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Working together to digitally streamline your business processes, delivering the next level of effectiveness.

Our Process

We love developing new cloud tools and data science. Full Stop. However, we even more love to see our clients succeed. Before we start producing your digital solution, we will analyze the challenge you have. Once we’ve produced your tool or workflow, we also help you embedding it in your corporation.


We´ve seen many companies trying to copy analogue processes into a digital version. We know it´s more than that. The situation needs proper analysis and all aspects of usability needs to be captured. Our Project Owners are industry veterans understanding you.


Based on a rigorous analysis our UX/UI and Development Teams will be guided by the project owners to create a solution, not a tool. A development process is always iterative, but our experience brings the number of iterations way down.


Biggest mistake in digital transformation? One believes, we copy the old process into a digital one and all is fine. We´ve seen too many projects and know where the pitfalls are. We love to bring our solutions to life.

Some Examples

When it comes to your internal business processes and crucial data, you should work with professionals that can prove they´ve got the experience and skill-set to get the task done in the best way possible. Creative Comms agencies are great, but for business processes you may want to get experts in that field.

Brand Planning Tool

One of the projects we've been involved in, was to create a platform to collect and prepopulate critical business and brand data from all countries in the world. At the same time it uses simple user interfaces and intuitive tools to simplify the business planning approach.

Resource Optimization Cloud

How are you generating profit? Either you sell more, or you spend less. We’ve developed a resource optimization tool for the Global Commercial Excellence Department of a Top20 pharmaceutical company. Based on internal and external factors, the client is able to discover hidden resource optimization potential.

Launch Preparation Monitor

Our client had 13 new compounds to be launched in more than 80 markets within a timeframe of 24 months. It was crucial to organize this tremendous launch sequence and monitor the launch preparation across all involved countries. Penta5 transformed the whole process onto the cloud.

Your project


Based on our experience you would be having one of the below challenges. We have plenty of experience in all four categories and more than happy to explore your needs, even if they are different from the below categories.

Digital Execution

You know your challenges and need a team offering digital solutions? Our project owners with 15+years of industry experience will work with you to find the best fitted solution and assure your needs are not lost in tech translation.

Transform into Digital

Most of our clients are in the middle of huge digital transformation projects. We have proven to serve as a full solution provider from analysis, over design and coding, to implementation incl. training.

MVP Boost

Developing digital products is an iterative process. Failing early and learning fast is essential, but easier said than done. We will pick up your MVPs, optimize and bring them to the next level.

Form an Idea

What is your vision? Have you ever dreamt of connecting all your company data into one pool of interrogatable data visualization? Or do you have ideas to retain your customers with value-add tools? Speak to us, we have the same passion for customer satisfaction.

About Us

penta5 is a network of industry experts, coding veterans and design black-belts with the mission to simplify digital transformation.

At penta5 we believe in making our client´s lives easier, most of the time by developing digital workflows and solutions to turn cumbersome business challenges into intuitive systems. Implementing these solutions is of utmost importance to us, as we like our products to be practical, not theoretical.

We are developing digital solutions for your future.




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